Dedicated To The Proposition That....
"Music Should Be Fun"
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August 2018:

Thursday:  7/19                                                        6:00pm
    "Summer In The City"
        ***The Boston Blues Barge***
            Boston Harbor Hotel
                Boston, Ma.

Saturday: 8/4                                                          12:00pm
    26th Annual "Onset Blues Festival"
          Onset, Ma.

Saturday 8/4                                                             9:00pm
   The Jetty
        Marshfield, Ma.

Sunday: 8/12                                                          12:00pm
     6th Annual "Sounds for Hounds Festival"
         Oxford, Ma.

Thursday: 8/22              **Private Event
Saturday:  8/25             **Private Event

Friday: 8/13                                                              7:00pm
   The Launchat Hingham Shipyard
      Hingham, Ma.

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For over 40 years now The Fat City Band has had the good fortune to be able to write, record, and perform our own unique style of Blues, Roadhouse Rock, Jazz, and New Orleans Style R&B for all our fans and friends alike from coast to coast and beyond.
Although some of the faces have changed over the years, we remain committed to one idea...
"Music Should Be Fun".
Now, with the addition of some "Young Talent", we are excited to bring our 4+ decades of showmanship and entertainment experience to every show.
We Invite You To...
Come And Join The Party!
***2018 New England Music Museum Inductees***

Upcoming Shows:
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August 2018

Sunday: 8/12                              12:00pm
   Sounds For Hounds Festival
      Oxford, Ma. 

Wednesday: 8/22  
      Private Event

Saturday: 8/25
      Private Event

Friday: 8/31                                  7:00pm
    The Launch at Hingham Shipyard
         Hingham, Ma.  


NASHOBA VALLEY WINERY                     OCTOBER 21

A Special Announcement!!!
We Are Excited To Announce The Release Of Our Latest Full Length Album
Now Available In CD Format At All Our Live Shows.
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